About Us

Our Lead Generation Company

LeadSurfers is a lead generation company specializing in B2B lead generation, appointment setting and managing sales leads. LeadSurfers is widely recognized as one of the “Traction leaders” of the lead generation industry.

Highlights of our lead generation programs include:

  • Have delivered potent leads for our clients.
  • Executed over 1500 lead generation campaigns for our clients in the past 2 years.
  • Our leads have converted to new revenue sources for our clients.
  • LeadSurfers clients are IT companies and large media houses.

Below are some of the many reasons what makes us unique:

  • 14+ years of experience managing sales leads:

Our Leadership has over 14 years of experience and has worked with companies like Ziff Davis (Salesify) DemandShore (QED Baton) Ever since, we’ve been resolving the biggest challenges in B2B lead generation. Whatever challenges you’re facing with lead generation or making more efficient conversions of your sales leads, chances are we’ve faced those challenges before (and overcome them).

  • Category-specific experience in managing sales leads:

 Our lead generation agents and sales representatives are experienced; we offer a talented, diverse, well-trained team of sales professionals who have specific expertise in your product category.

  • Experts in appointment setting:

 Lead generation is only the first part of the sales process; you can’t close deals if you don’t have a good system in place to build relationships with business leads and ensure efficient appointment setting. Our appointment setters deliver unmatched results in getting your sales people in front of decision makers.

With many lead generation companies on the market, how do you know who to trust? LeadSurfers offers a unique client experience. We have honed our lead generation processes to deliver an unmatched level of efficiency, accountability and quality control in managing sales leads.

Leading-edge technology for managing sales leads:

 We maximize the use of technology to manage our clients’ sales leads to optimize our efficiency in appointment setting, tracking communication, and getting the most out of every customer contact. We use a combination of AI and Machine learning tool to get the right prospect, advanced contact management to make sure that sales leads receive thorough tracking and appropriate follow-through, and two-way silent monitoring for quality control and training.

Get more sales leads. Hone your B2B lead generation processes. Enhance the qualification of your sales leads. Improve your appointment setting conversions and close more deals.

Wherever you need help in the lead generation and sales process, LeadSurfers can boost your results with smart, focused, measurable lead generation & B2B marketing consultation.

Our Technology – LeadBoard® –

Big Data platform with use of Artificial Intelligence gets you not only the right prospect but also an interested buyer who wishes to buy.

Lead Generation Services

Lead Surfers is one of the most influential lead generation companies in the industry, helping thousands of organizations create more sales leads, improve the qualification of their business leads, and boost conversion rates throughout the sales process. If you need more sales leads, or need to make better use of the business leads that you have, talk to our team and see how we can improve your B2B lead generation effort.

Our proven lead generation process to qualify sales leads will help your company…

  • Increase sales and revenue: Better lead generation leads to better sales – we’ll show you how to sell more, sell sooner, and sell more often.
  • Reduce costs per sale: Better lead generation and more focused efforts to qualify business leads results in more efficient appointment setting and more productive conversations with prospects. We help you spend less time on unproductive sales leads, and more time closing deals.
  • Take one thing off your “to do” list: By outsourcing your lead generation to us, you can eliminate a challenging management process, get expert guidance in B2B lead generation and appointment setting, and get timely results. And our lead generation services are always able to scale to meet your future business needs.

Lead generation and qualification of business leads don’t happen by accident – this is a specific business discipline requiring a unique set of skills. Consistent lead generation and efficient qualifying of sales leads is a different process than asking for a sale and closing the deal. Often, our clients seek help with lead generation services because their in-house sales teams are trained and compensated to focus on closing business – not generating new sales leads or managing those business leads.

Even though B2B lead generation is a crucial part of the sales process, most outside sales reps do not consistently make the effort or focus on the right activities to effectively develop new business leads. We help our clients spend more time meeting with qualified prospects rather than looking for them, or having to qualify them.

We help our clients do what they do best – closing deals and winning new business – while we arm their sales people with an efficient, effective lead generation effort. We also save our clients money by helping them avoid the cost of hiring, equipping, managing and motivating an in-house lead generation team.

  • Concentrate more on your core business Do what you do best – let us handle the lead generation process.
  • Increase sales and profits More efficient lead generation and better-qualified sales leads create bigger sales opportunities.
  • Give your business a competitive edge! You’ll have a special lead generation team in your corner, drumming up a fresh pipeline of sales leads. Can your competitors say the same?
  • Save on employee turnover and training costs Rather than hiring full-time lead generation specialists, you can outsource the costs and management hassles to us. Instead of more payroll costs, you get more qualified sales leads.
  • Control capital costs No need to spend big money equipping your in-house team with specialized lead generation technology; we’ve got state of the art technology for lead generation and appointment setting, and we’ll put it to good use for your organization.
  • Pay for only what you need Instead of committing to the high overhead of an in-house lead generation staff, you can access our team of B2B lead generation experts on an as-needed basis.
  • Reduce costs per new client acquisition Stop casting a wide net and wasting time with unqualified business leads! We’ll show you a better way to get in front of motivated decision makers with more focused lead generation, better qualified sales leads and efficient appointment setting.
  • Leverage the time of your sales team Keep your in-house sales team focused on what they do best – meeting with customers and closing sales. We’ll keep them supplied with a steady pipeline of new sales leads.
  • Scalability to expand or retract the size of your sales team Scale up or scale down depending on your changing business needs.
  • Seamless representation of your company, products, and servicesThere are no “newbies” here – we have a team of dedicated, U.S. based telemarketing lead generation agents and appointment setters who will represent your company with competence, cultural fluency and category-specific expertise.