What We Offer

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing


Looking to capture the attention of buyers? In an economy that thrives on engagement and interaction—new channels, technologies, and strategies are the need of the hour. You might also have to navigate through an excess of information, increased buyer expectations, and staying relevant in the eyes of your competitors.


This is when you’ll realize that an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy can work wonders for your business.


With an ABM strategy, you can enhance your ROI, focus on more conversions and leads, and drive attributed revenue.

Using personalized campaigns targeted at specific accounts, we help you increase your conversion rates. Focusing on the right content, communication, and contextual marketing, we identify and target the accounts that offer you the most value.


From effective ABM strategies, ABM agility to ABM management, optimization, and execution—we map out the entire process for you.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing


With the advent of new technologies and new ways of communication, is email still relevant?


Despite contrary beliefs, email isn’t dead; it’s one of those marketing tools that when used well, can be highly effective. The popularity of email marketing is ever-growing and doesn’t seem to diminish anytime soon. As per research, email marketing is said to be the most preferred online marketing channel for marketers.


If you’re looking for a consistent and clear communication channel, email marketing can help you in that sphere. You can easily reach out to your target audience in an effective manner and with minimal efforts through email marketing.

At B2B Technology Solution, we draft intelligent and innovative email campaigns that are interactive and engaging. 

Content Marketing

Content Marketing


Content can be a game-changer, which is why the demand for quality content is on the rise. Content has proven to garner more organic traffic and can prove to be a backbone in accelerating your business forward.


As the focus gradually shifts towards content, the importance of content marketing is also at an all-time high. Since the content marketing scope is huge, you need a content strategy to assist you through the way. With the right content marketing strategy, you can promote your company’s content, and offer your clients relevant content that matches their business needs.


We assists organizations and businesses to test, build, and optimize content marketing programs that boost qualified leads and drive better sales opportunities. From a content marketing perspective, our service identifies, educates, converts, and supports B2B buyers. 

Lead Generation

Lead Generation


How do you qualify that a lead opportunity in front of you is worth it or not? By now, you must be aware that not all leads are created equal. You need to ensure that your sales team prioritises its efforts and utilises its time in the right direction and in the best way possible.

Types of Common Lead Gen Campaigns we have been delivering for years:

  • MQL
  • HQL
  • BANT
  • Appointment Generation

BANT stands for Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline, and is a technique that guides you on which leads should be focused upon more. With BANT, we help you analyse and answer the tough questions.

Event Promotion

Events Promotion


Planning, preparing, organizing, setting up, and managing events is a whole new ball game in itself. But amidst all this, if you don’t focus on promoting your event, then you cannot expect to receive the desired result that you expect.


When you don’t have the accurate event promotion techniques in place, you may witness a major dip in your potential attendees. Your event needs to proper recognition and this is exactly where B2B Technology Solution come into the picture.


With our Event Promotion service, you can explore explosive ways of leveraging your event data to sell out your event. You can introduce a refresher into your event promotion techniques with creative strategies.