Relevance maturity involves:

  • Having the keys to making every customer experience personalized
  • Increasing case deflections
  • The different levels of search and how they impact service and workplace
  • Keen insights on how to evaluate your current search experience

New technology enables search to go beyond just getting an answer to a query. With an intelligent, AI-powered cloud platform, customers and service agents receive relevance when and where they need it.

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About Coveo:

The Coveo Relevance Cloud™ is a market-leading AI-powered relevance platform. We aim to enable our customers to deliver the relevant experiences that we believe people expect in the new digital economy. Our cloud-native, multi-tenant SaaS platform injects search, recommendations, and personalization solutions into digital experiences.

We provide solutions for ecommerce, service, website, and workplace applications. These are designed to provide tangible value to our customers by helping drive revenue growth, reduce customer support costs, increase customer satisfaction and website engagement, and improve employee proficiency and satisfaction.

Index any content simply and securely

Make content from any source accessible through your websites or platforms by indexing with pre-built connectors, APIs, or native integrations. Try out our:

  • Pre-built and generic connectors for easy indexing
  • Push API and code samples to build custom connectors
  • Crawling module for firewall-protected content
  • Indexing pipelines to transform content upon ingestion
  • Automatic replication of document security settings

    Is your contact center inundated with known issues (i.e., issues customers could have easily resolved themselves if they had the right information)?

    Does your self-service function provide the answers customers need to resolve issues on their own?
    Yes, our customers are satisfied with the answers they get on our self-service portalNo, customers often have to go to multiple places to find answersNo, we do not have a self-service function

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