Goldman Sachs Layoffs-3,000 people fired in a day

Goldman Sachs, a major American multinational investment bank and financial services company, has reportedly laid off around 3,000 employees in a single day. The layoffs took place after the affected employees were called to the company’s headquarters in New York for a meeting with CEO David Solomon. When the employees arrived at the conference room for the meeting at 7:30 am, they were greeted by the head of the team, who informed them that they had been fired while their manager observed the proceedings.

According to reports by the New York Post, the affected employees were given the choice to either leave the office immediately or wait for their colleagues to arrive so they could say goodbye. Most of the fired employees chose to leave the building following a wave of axing that was carried out before 9 am, leaving other employees confused over what had happened when their colleagues did not return to their work desks.

In a statement, the Global Head of Communication for Goldman Sachs, Tony Fratto, expressed sympathy for the affected employees and said that the company was providing support to help ease their transitions. Earlier reports had indicated that Goldman Sachs would begin job cuts that could affect over 3,200 employees or roughly 6.5 percent of its workforce. The move follows a period of growth for the world’s biggest investment banks in 2021 and early 2022, as companies embarked on a flurry of mergers and acquisitions following coronavirus lockdowns.

This is a developing story and more to follow…

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