Guide: Omni-Channel Retail Best Practices for Customer Engagement

Frontline lessons from top retailers for improving sales and service.

Every retailer aspires to deliver the frictionless, secure omni-channel experiences they know their customers want. They know their customer won’t tolerate bad experiences. And they know the business value of offering experiences that keep shoppers satisfied and loyal. But there’s a big difference between aspiring to great things and accomplishing your goals.

For some retailers, the surge in contact volumes during the COVID-19 pandemic was overwhelming. For others, it was a catalyst for ambitious digital transformations that have set them up to handle changing customer expectations and a build competitive advantage.

Tomorrow’s retail leaders are already realizing the value of using conversational and analytical AI to unleash the power of their customer data. What began for many as a way to relieve caller volume to their physical locations and contact centers has become a way to offer the personalized, contextual, and innovative shopper experiences that will soon be table stakes in the world of omnichannel retail.

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