“Webinar: Cybersecurity Overload: Straight Talk from the Trenches”

Threats, Compliance and Limited Resources: 4 Security Leaders share what to tackle first and where to make investment

Increasing threats with mounting cyber risk, resource-strapped teams, evolving regulatory demands – these are top-of-mind challenges for businesses of all sizes. For small to mid-size firms, many can seem insurmountable.

Learn from our panel of cyber leaders who will pragmatically take you through what to pay attention to, what to table for later, and how to alleviate challenges without breaking the bank. 

  • Valuable insights with actionable guidance on strategies for optimizing your cybersecurity program 
  • Real-world examples of companies that have made the right decisions – and the wrong ones
  • Solutions for managing risk that might be easier (and less costly) than you think. 

From the latest threats to cyber regulations compliance (NIST, CMMC, ISO)  to the skills and talent shortages – we cover the issues that matter most to keeping your company safe and compliant. 

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