5 Ways To Optimize Your Mobile Applications With Ibm Mobile Behavior Analysis

Just a few years ago, the thought of using mobile websites to transact with companies in a variety of industries was a mere dream. That dream has become a reality and the mobile is here to stay. According to Forrester Research, mobile-based payments in the United States will reach $142 billion by 2019 – a triple spike from 2015 with only $50 billion.

The growth in mobility is not about growth in mobile devices, but consumers are becoming highly mobile when it comes to completing their daily tasks and goals through their mobile phone. Mobile applications have made it extremely easy for consumers to pull out their phone to research on a product, watch a clip, pay their bills, book a flight or even to check-in to their preferred hotel. The mobile market has matured over the last few years and Forrester claims that mobile usage has gone mainstream. As a result, consumers are increasingly relying on mobile phones and have high expectations of seamless mobile experiences.

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