9 Myths Of Wi Fi In Primary Education

It’s easy to believe what people tell us. Call me gullible, but when my colleagues and friends tell me something, I generally believe them, without question, and without  challenging the status quo. Like unicorns. I thought unicorns were real for quite some time (didn’t we all?) because that’s what someone told me when I was younger. Years later, with some research conducted and questions asked, I determined that unicorns indeed were NOT real (yet today, Rhinos are my favorite animal….. coincidence? I think not).

I promise, I am not calling your friends and colleagues liars. But, I do recommend proper research and questioning take place before believing everything you hear, especially when making large purchase decisions. Like, implementing new Wi-Fi in your school district, for example. It turns out, there are MANY untruths floating around out there about school Wi-Fi deployments. We did the research for you, so you can make smart decisions the next time you go to upgrade your network infrastructure, or just want to implement new APs.

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