An Overview of ReadyCloud CRM for all Amazon Sellers

ReadyCloud CRM delivers a cloud-powered Customer Relationship Management solution for businesses that sell on Amazon and on other ecommerce sales channels.

“ReadyCloud CRM is an orders-based CRM that was built for ecommerce,” comments Michael Lazar, an Executive at ReadyCloud. “When you connect ReadyCloud CRM to your Amazon seller account, you’ll see something amazing: It will instantly import your orders and create detailed customer profiles based on ecommerce order activity.”

ReadyCloud CRM is a customer satisfaction platform that gives ecommerce merchants the ability to create teams and collaborate on orders, returns, customer feedback, trending products and events. With ReadyCloud CRM, users can create individual and team tasks, so that no customer or detail is overlooked. Users can also tag orders, create events and know who their best customers are, what they are buying and how often.

The Amazon Marketplace integration for ReadyCloud CRM supports Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) merchants with up-to-the-minute reporting on new orders, shipments and deliveries. Orders are displayed with a detailed timeline showing when the order was placed, shipped and even returned. It gives users the complete order lifecycle, at a glance.

“Amazon sellers can get connected to ReadyCloud CRM through the Amazon Marketplace Appstore,” Lazar explains. “Just log into your Amazon seller account, click into the Appstore and search for ‘ReadyCloud CRM’ for more details. We follow Amazon’s best practices for integration, so getting started is easy. Minutes after a seller connects, they’ll see their orders in a whole new light!”

The Amazon marketplace integration for ReadyCloud CRM comes with a 14-day complimentary trial period. No credit card is required. Users can continue service after the trial for just $24/month per user. There are no contracts. Users can cancel at any time.

“We believe all businesses that sell on Amazon deserve a cross-channel CRM solution. That’s why the first two weeks are on us,” Lazar says. “Go ahead and give ReadyCloud CRM a try today, and see why it’s the customer satisfaction platform you’ve been looking for!”


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