Apple Music Blamed for Rapidly Draining iPhone Batteries

More and more people are complaining about the rapidly falling battery life of their iPhones along with the iPhone getting extremely hot in the process. Is it a mere background activity bug or Apple Music is to blame?

Over the past week, a rising number of iPhone owners have raised concerns about their iPhone battery draining by over 50 percent in 24 hours with nominal use.

Multiple reports have surfaced on the Apple Communities website as well as Reddit, regarding severe battery drain experienced by iPhone owners on iOS 13.5.1. The Apple Music app is being considered the culprit, specifically the background activity of the app continuously running when it\’s not in use. Irrespective of usage, background activity for the same, can apparently run on your phone lasting several hours.

The battery drain is so severe that some users are required to recharge their iPhone several times a day. As a result of the intensive use, the battery health percentage is falling. Another warning sign are reports of iPhones getting extremely hot.

Although users blame the Music app, comments on the MacRumors article suggest a probable wider problem regarding background activity in general on iOS. Concisely, this isn\’t an Apple Music problem but is a much more general iOS background activity problem proposing Apple has changed some aspect on the server side, which is now triggering a lot of background activity on iOS that doesn’t normally occur.

Currently, Apple is yet to comment, but with the rising number of complaints, the Apple team is likely already probing into the cause and can hopefully get a fix released before the bug destroys a few iPhone batteries completely.

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