The Executive\’s Cyber Security Playbook

More than anyone, C-level executives are ultimately responsible for the safety and security of your organizations.

When research shows that the number of detected security incidents increased by 38% from 2014-2015, and the cost per breach increased by nearly 20% to $15 million in the same time frame, you take notice. You look for answers.

How do you manage organizational risk? How do you identify critical security tasks, allocate the responsibility for those tasks, and implement successful cyber security programs? What do you, in your specific role as a CEO or department executive do before, during and after a breach?

You don\’t need to wait to be breached — start planning now. The new Executive\’s Cyber Security Playbook outlines a best practice approach for a variety of executives, including CEO, CIO, CTO, CFO, COO, CMO, CHO and CPO.

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