How To Find And Control Any Application On Your Enterprise Network

With the amount of users, devices, and applications on today\’s business-critical Wi-Fi networks, network visibility is no longer enough. BYOD environments need to be armed with actionable analytic insights that enable control of every application before bandwidth, performance, employee productivity or security is impacted. Having a dynamic and flexible infrastructure in place that can provide visibility and control over the entire wired and wireless network, including all devices and applications, should be a core competency of modern networks.

By providing the ability to put ExtremeAnalytics into action, we enable the network to be a valuable business asset that allows you to:

  • See, understand, and control enterprise and mobile app usage on the network – at the unified wired and wireless edge and from the data center to the mobile edge
  • Identify popular application activity and contain the viral entity of certain apps before network bandwidth, performance, employee productivity or security is impacted
  • Take actions to enable, eliminate, permit, and prioritize applications without degrading wireless performance

This eBook will explain and show how the ExtremeAnalytics Platform uses the industry\’s first flow-based technology to deliver unprecedented network application insights for every network environment to help enterprises understand, see, and control what is on the network today and prepare for tomorrow\’s BYOD threat.

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