How AI and Analytics can help you master the customer management experience: Powered by Manthan’s Real-Time Interactions on its Customer Marketing Platform.

Manthan, a leading AI and Analytics company, announced an upgrade to its cross-channel campaign management and personalization solution, TargetOne. Retail marketers can now accomplish more with best-in-class journey marketing and mobile app marketing capabilities that together power real-time, contextual customer interactions.

With a complete loop of plan, design, preview, execution, tracking and reporting capabilities that operate at-scale, TargetOne sets the marketer free to focus on content

Enhanced Journey Builder and Mobile App Marketing Capabilities Add Value to Customer Interactions. With improvements to journey builder, marketers can:

  • Design distinct journeys for predictive customer segments
  • Easily create and respond to complex cross-channel customer events, and even customer inactivity
  • Test and experiment with different responses, timings and channel combinations within a journey, using A/B testing, and test and control
  • Retailers can also benefit from the breakthrough innovations in mobile app marketing that minimize app attrition, boost open rates and grow active app users.
  • Engage customers with rich content including personalized push notifications, home screen notifications, in-app personalization, interstitial ads and coupon wallets
  • Identify customers in- store and near-store and target them with custom messages and recommendations
  • Automatically match device ID to offline customer identity for a true single view of the customer

Retail marketers strive to form deep relationships with customers, for which meaningful engagement is the key. To add value to customers’ lives, retailers need an intelligent mechanism to sense customer intent, surface insights, recommend actions and continuously improve targeting. With the new AI augmented features, Manthan’s marketing suite delivers contextual intelligence in both scheduled campaigns and customer event-based marketing.

As mobile apps drive greater traction in segments such as fashion, grocery and restaurants, e-commerce teams have a huge opportunity to act on customer micro-moments. Our vision is to make marketing planning and execution lifecycle smarter, and the new enhancements are another step in that direction.


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