A Secure, IT-approved Alternative to Personal File Sharing Services in the Enterprise

Some of the biggest challenges IT teams face today stem from data loss and security risks arising from the unauthorized use of personal file sharing services like Dropbox and Box by employees for business purposes. Personal file sharing services invite data leakage and compliance violations by allowing files being shared to escape beyond the visibility and control of IT. At the same time, these services meet the essential need of today’s mobile workforce to be able to access and share data wherever people work. The only way for IT to solve what has come to be known as “the Dropbox Problem,” and to stop the spread of uncontrolled data sharing, is to address this need through an IT-approved application that meets employees’ needs better than any consumer service could. A true enterprise file sync and sharing service combines the convenience and simplicity of a personal file sharing service with enterprise-oriented features to increase productivity—as well as provide increased security, flexibility and control for IT.

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