Archibus Offers New Licenses of Environmental Health & Safety Application at No Cost

Company Helps Organizations Track and Mitigate COVID-19
Archibus, the world\’s most trusted Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), announced today that in an effort to help customers provide safe working environments during the COVID-19 outbreak, new licenses of the Archibus Environmental Health & Safety application will be available at no cost for the next 18 months.
The Archibus Environmental Health & Safety application helps organizations gain control over workplace safety incidents, personal protective equipment (PPE), training, medical monitoring, and work restrictions. This has become especially crucial with the global spread of the coronavirus pandemic, and Archibus users are implementing processes to identify and evaluate COVID-19 related incidents and risks. It enables managers to quickly associate the incidents with locations and personnel, and then take action.
Customers should contact their Archibus Provider to receive their complimentary subscription.
\”Customers that have implemented EH&S are able to effectively manage COVID-19 related incidents, PPE inventory and distribution, and training programs to provide their employees safer workplaces today and as they return,\” says Wain Kellum, CEO of Archibus + Serraview. \”We hope to help others in this difficult situation by offering the application free of charge.\”
About Archibus + Serraview
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