Hugh Hathcock and Family Announce ReconVelocity Dealer Relief Program to Bolster Vehicle Sales and Service

ReconVelocity today announced a Dealer Relief Program that includes 90-days of free software, training, and support services to existing and new customers, including its new ReconMatch and VelocityValet software solutions. ReconVelocity enables dealers to streamline used vehicle reconditioning, leading to increased vehicle sales and profits. ReconMatch pairs potential buyers to inventory as soon as it\’s acquisitioned. VelocityValet will give dealers a platform to manage pick-up and delivery services, such as contactless at-home vehicle deliveries, vehicle servicing, and parts deliveries. The Dealer Relief Program start date is set for April 1, 2020.
\”On behalf of my family and the entire team at ReconVelocity, we feel compelled to do our part to support the industry that has been so good to us over the past 35 years. First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with each of you and our Country. These are unprecedented times that require unprecedented action,\” says Hugh Hathcock.
Hugh explained, \”We are moving quickly to support our partners with functionality that we believe dealers need NOW and that we can install and support virtually without the need for upfront dealer costs through our Dealer Relief Program.\”
The ReconVelocity Dealer Relief Program has three primary goals:
1. To help you get cars retail-ready faster
2. To pair potential buyers in your DMS to your recon inventory so you can start selling faster
3. To enable remote sales and service immediately with pick-up and delivery software
ReconVelocity\’s Dealer Relief Program includes the following:
ReconVelocity: Suspended Billing
All billing for ReconVelocity existing customers will be suspended beginning April 1, 2020 for 90-days. This process will be automatic; dealers do not have to take any action.
ReconVelocity, ReconMatch & VelocityValet: Free for 90-Days
90-days free software service for new and existing customers.
Remote Set-Up, Implementation & Training: All Fees Waived
Recon Experts will manage the set-up and implementation process remotely, followed by continued performance coaching and support at no cost for 90-days.
According to Hugh, his team will continue to monitor Federal and State Guidelines, and consumer and dealer activity throughout Q2 to determine if additional measures need to be taken. He says that it is a privilege to give back to the dealer partners that he has served for most of his life and that he will continue to support them throughout this crisis.
For more information, please visit us online. To speak with a Dealer Relief Program Representative call (844) 929-1313 or email
About ReconVelocity
ReconVelocity is an advanced technology solution specifically designed to help auto dealers optimize their vehicle reconditioning process. ReconMatch pairs buyers to inventory as soon as it is acquisitioned by the dealer. VelocityValet is a pick-up and delivery solution that enables dealers to track and manage vehicle pick-up and drop-offs, drivers, and dispatching. These powerful software modules, combined with on-site training and continual performance and utilization coaching, can bring \”pit crew precision\” to getting vehicles retail-ready faster for increased sales and higher profits. ReconVelocity was developed by industry expert Hugh Hathcock, creator of the premier dealer CRM software and call center services company, ELEAD1ONE, to address margin challenges facing dealers.