Dictionary.com Launches Learning At Home Center: Free Educational Resources for Kids and Parents

Dictionary.com announced today it has launched the Dictionary.com Learning At Home Center, offering free, educator-reviewed materials and resources for kids from pre-K through 12th grade and their parents. With virtual learning a reality for many families for the rest of the school year, the Learning at Home Center is an educational and fun supplement that features daily activities, printable worksheets, test prep quizzes, videos, and book vocabulary lists.
Written by the Dictionary.com editors with the help of educators from around the U.S., the learning center offers activities that kids can do on their own and tips for parents to help their kids, as well as family-centered projects to help bring parents and kids together in the evening. Educators spanning all grade levels review the site\’s daily activities and are able to contribute their own activities and vocabulary lists.
Broken down by grade level, educational activities include writing prompts and lessons for onomatopoeia plus a corresponding comic strip activity to build kids\’ writing skills, and quizzes and lessons to develop kids\’ vocabularies, as well as test prep, grammar and punctuation, a writing tool, and more. Features such as the Disney Movie Word Challenge engage students\’ minds in innovative ways, while word origin videos, letter writing projects, word decoding, spelling, and more guide them in building the skills needed to stay on track to meet academic expectations.
\”As an education provider, Dictionary.com has long been at the forefront of online learning. We\’re proud to supply daily educational activities that parents can trust and kids can enjoy during this unprecedented time,\” said Jennifer Steeves-Kiss, CEO, Dictionary.com. \”Our Learning At Home Center is filled with resources that share our expertise of the English language in digestible bites to help kids of all ages continue their studies.\”
Dictionary.com\’s vocabulary resources are backed by lexicographers, offering thoroughly researched and vetted definitions and synonyms. Resources including Dictionary.com\’s free app and its dictionary and thesaurus digital reference tools were used to build the unique educational activities within the Learning At Home Center. Dictionary.com\’s goal is to teach students how to navigate the internet for research, as well as understand what they are reading about the history and usage of language and words.
\”Each of the middle school ELA digital learning resources found on Dictionary.com is student-centered and will serve as supplemental activities for what students have learned throughout the school year,\” said Lyndsey Gresehover, teacher and Middle School expert for Learning At Home. \”They provide clear directions that will allow students to easily interact with the material independently or with the help of parents in order to proceed with learning. The activities are also a fun way for parents to connect with their child in a continuation of their current curriculum.\”
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