Minooka School District Upgrades Classroom Learning With Ruckus Cloud Wi Fi

Network reliability and speed have become almost as important as electricity for school districts. Teachers and students are using a variety of devices at schools, including Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, smart phones and more. Both students and faculty are expecting these smart devices to constantly be connected throughout the entire building, not just a classroom. Educators are looking for ways to leverage smart devices in classroom learning to keep students engaged and focused in this digital era. But before this can happen, a reliable and high performance wireless network must be in place. School districts can no longer deploy networking solutions that don’t make the grade, as both students and faculty demand better. Yet, high-performance, distributed-site networks require time, expertise and money to deploy and manage. Minooka School District knew this challenge all too well. After six years of running a legacy hardware infrastructure, it was clear that a network upgrade was essential.

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