Nu-X Ventures to deliver free hand sanitizer to Los Angeles citizens and hospitals

Los Angeles Based Nu-X Ventures, will begin delivering free hand sanitizer to the citizens of Los Angeles starting on 03/27/20. In what they are currently calling Project Blue Horizon, Nu-X Ventures is planning to leverage it\’s manufacturing resources to produce, deliver and supply bottles of free hand sanitizer over the next few weeks to people across the Los Angeles area.
To request a delivery of hand sanitizer bottles to your address please follow the below link (limit of 10 bottles of 30ml hand sanitizer per household):
Link To Place Delivery Request:
Nu-X Ventures will have vans delivering the hand sanitizer products around the Los Angeles area every day until all available inventory is depleted. Hospitals and elderly homes will have priority of hand sanitizer products. All hand sanitizer bottles produced will be under the brand Nu-X and will not be for selling purposes.
Nu-X distributed the first few thousand hand sanitizer bottles and bulk gallons this Tuesday in an emergency production run, which went to the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center. Prior to the delivery, UCLA was almost depleted of critical hand sanitizer products, which could have left their medical personnel completely out of stock and further exposed to COVID-19. Over the last few weeks, critical medical suppliers and distributors have been price gouging medical institutions and local governments to maximize profits.
\”Any company that uses this time as an opportunity to profit from products that are indispensable towards efforts to fight COVID-19 are misaligned. We see an opportunity to contribute and help and we will do whatever is in our power to do exactly that. We hope other companies with the capacity to do so will do the same will.\”
– Lorenzo De Plano Senior Director of Nu-X
Lorenzo De Plano, Brendan McDermott and Eric Anwar are the co-founders of Solace Technologies, which was acquired by Turning Point Brands in July of 2019. The three founders of the recently acquired startup, which was rolled into Nu-X Ventures will be hand delivering the products in and around the Los Angeles area in an effort to support the community.
Nu-X Ventures is a division of Kentucky based Turning Point Brands (NYSE: TPB), which specializes in the development and sale of active ingredient products such as CBD, Caffeine, Nicotine Vape Alternatives and a host of other consumer products. Turning Point Brands will be replicating a similar effort from their manufacturing facility in Louisville, Kentucky

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