Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting An Application Lifecycle Management Solution

Reacting to market changes including the growing reliance on embedded software, the emergence of IoT-connected products, and the increasing need for ALM-PLM integration, Ovum have released their latest report on ALM solutions and vendors in March 2016.

The report, titled Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Application Lifecycle Management Solution, 2016–17, evaluates 12 vendors in the ALM space, and recognizes codeBeamer ALM as a market leader in the field of Application Lifecycle Management.

Conducting the evaluation based on both codeBeamer’s technical features, and how well Intland Software executes in the market, the report says:

“Intland is a relatively new entrant to the ALM space but it recognized from the outset the opportunity afforded by engineering manufacturing. The rise of software content in engineered products has helped grow this part of the ALM market and helped propel Intland and its business process automation approach to the front line of ALM vendors.”

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