Tdwi Best Practices Report: Improving Data Preparation For Business Analytics

SEATTLE, WA, July 11, 2016-TDWI Research has released its newest Best Practices Report, Improving Data Preparation for Business Analytics. Business users want the power of analytics—but analytics can only be as good as the data. The biggest challenge nontechnical users are encountering is the same one that has been a steep challenge for data scientists: slow, difficult, and tedious data preparation. This original, survey-based research offers organizations guidance on taking advantage of the rapidly evolving technology and self-service capabilities that allow business users to realize insights from data faster without IT hand-holding.

Data preparation matters—in fact, it is one of the hottest topics in the technology industry and is important to all organizations making decisions and taking action informed by data. Preparation processes include determining what the data is and improving its quality, collecting and consolidating it, and taking steps to make it useful for reporting and analysis.

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