How Hyperconvergence And Vdi Help It Grow Quickly And Affordably

It has been “the year of VDI” for about five years now. Companies have been enticed by the potential benefits of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) – flexible, mobile end-user computing with centralized IT control and efficiency – but many projects have failed to deliver all the expected benefits. But is it, perhaps, now, finally here?

Let’s discuss why VDI hasn’t yet caught on like predicted. At the heart of every VDI project has been an inherent conflict among end-users who will be using these virtual computing environments day in and day out, business leaders who see “green” by way of cost savings associated with implementing VDI, and the IT organization deploying the project. To make their users happy, companies can invest in high performance VDI that delivers a great end-user experience, but breaks the bank when the bill comes; or they go with a more affordable VDI choice to deliver the needed cost savings, while disappointing the end-user. And the IT organization is caught in the middle; they must balance the needs of all parties while facing immense cost and complexity.

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