The Vmware Nsx Network Virtualisation Platform

Traditional approaches to networking not only prevent today’s organizations from realizing the full promise of the software defined data center, but also subject them to limited flexibility and operational challenges. The Glass is only Half Full Server and storage virtualization solutions have dramatically transformed the data center by delivering significant operational savings through automation, capital savings through consolidation and hardware independence, and greater agility through on-demand and self-service approaches to provisioning. As significant as these gains have been, however, much of the potential for these solutions remains untapped. More to the point, these businesses are being held back, by an antiquated network operationaL. Networking and network services have been stuck in the status quo and are out-of-step with server and storage solutions that can be quickly provisioned but are constrained by networking services that still require manual provisioning and are anchored to vendor specific hardware and topology. This directly impacts application deployment time because applications need both compute and networking resources.

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